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The SF State Advising Hub is your one-stop-shop for your advising needs.  If you are looking for a resource center, information about probation or advising for your first semester, you are in the right place!

The information provided here is not to replace a professional advisor.  For a successful path to graduation at SF State, we highly recommend that you connect with major and GE advisors often — if you are pursuing a minor, you will also have a minor advisor.

Academic Advising Directory

Seeing an advisor at least once a semester will help you stay on track towards graduation!


To limit COVID-19 spreading within our community, academic advisors are meeting with students remotely. To see an advisor through a Zoom Drop-in appointment, choose the advising location (college resource center or other office) and then go to their website to connect to their drop-ins. If you would like to schedule an appointment, you can use the link below. After scheduling your appointment, you will receive en email confirmation and additional information about your remote appointment. 

See the"How to Schedule an Appointment" article if you need assistance.

Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors

1st Year Freshmen & Undeclared Students





University-Wide Departments



1st Semester Advising @ Orientation

Resources and links that support New Student Orientation and 1st semester advising:

What should you know for your major?

Foundational General Education Requirements

What math class should you take in your first semester? 

Orientation LIVE! Support links & Resources

Academic Probation

If you are on academic probation, subject to disqualification or disqualified, please review the following pages.

Academic Success Resources

Being successful means using all academic resources to achieve your goals.

Advising @ New Student Orientation

If you can attend, please sign up for our online New Student Orientation

Missed or unable to attend New Student Orientation?

Click on the link below for next steps you can follow to prepare for your first semester at SF State. 


Advising Events and Workshops

Departments host a variety of advising events and workshops throughout the year.

Pre Nursing Education Plan Workshop: 

  • Please sign up for only 1 session
  • If you are not declared Pre-Nursing but would like to attend the pre-nursing workshop, please sign up here.

►Thursday, Oct 8th from 2pm-3pm

► Tuesday, Nov 18th from 10am-11am

B.S. in Public Health Info Sessions: 

These sessions include an overview of the Public Health major program, requirements and expectations and grants access to the application to the major.

  • These sessions are mandatory if you plan to apply this Spring semester!

To be eligible to apply students must RSVP and attend a 1-hour information session (note: must be able to attend the entire session in order to be eligible to receive an application distributed via SFSU email):

► Tuesday, October 27th from 1:00pm-2:00pm: http://bit.ly/PHBSINFO1027

College Graduation Workshops

Twice a semester, advisors (by college) will host workshops on the application process, reviewing requirements and making sure you are on track!

Degree Planning

We are commited to ensure each and every student has the right tools to plan for their educational goals.

Student Success Resources

Being successful means utilizing all student resources to help shape your experience.

University Policies