Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts

College of Liberal & Creative Arts

The Theatre Arts curriculum is designed to be 'hands-on' and 'student-driven'. To us, this means that ideally all main-stage production aspects in design, construction, and management are accomplished by students. We encourage you to get involved as soon as you come to campus...or maybe before. There are a few different levels of production support in addition to our main-stage productions, so everyone has a chance to participate in some way.

We want our students to be involved right from the beginning of their time at SF State! Please get in touch with our student group, Players Club (aka PC) They are most active on Instagram. No membership application..if you are a major or a minor (or just interested) you are already a member! 

Access the list of the major requirements to better understand the structure of the major.

The roadmap puts all of your graduation requirements into an easy-to-follow semester-by-semester plan so you know what to take to stay on track.  Whether you are a freshman or a transfer student, you'll be able to find a roadmap that best fits you.

Besides your major requirements, students must complete their GE and University requirements.  Be sure to make sure you've completed all of these requirements for graduation.

To learn more about this major, check out the major department’s website below.  You can also find out how you can access their faculty advisors who can assist you not just with course choices, but also answer questions about the field and discuss your career plans.     

School of Theatre & Dance

Creative Arts Building, Room 103
Phone: (415) 338-1341
Director: Kim Schwartz


Freshmen Student Advising Information

After choosing “Basic Subjects” GE courses in Steps 1-3 of your Orientation process (if you haven’t done so, log onto your Orientation Profile page to follow the “Pre-Orientation Advising Module”), STEP 4 Choosing Major Classes will show you if there are any classes you can take to satisfy major requirements for your first and/or second semester.

Once you have determined your Roadmap above, review the first section below and write down any course recommendations based on your corresponding major roadmap on your Freshmen Class Planner worksheet.

First Semester Course Recommendations — Roadmaps A, B, C & D 

Major Class & Title 


Requirement Area(s) Met 

TH A 101– Orientation to Theatre Arts #1 


3 units 

Major (core) 

TH A 130 – Acting Workshop I 

3 units 

Major (core) 
GE – Area C1 

If there are any course(s) listed above, please enter this information onto “Step 4” of your Freshmen Class Planner. 


Advisor Recommendations: 

  • #1 TH A 101 is only offered in the Fall semester. 

  • If any of the courses listed above are FULL, see the “Alternate Major Classes” section below for options. 

  • There are no AP/IB Tests that apply to the Theatre Arts Major. 

  • Students should NOT take THA 200. This class is designed for non-majors.  

  • Students are encouraged to introduce themselves to their teachers in the areas they are most interested in and to meet with a major advisor in the Theatre Arts department as soon as possible (and every semester).
    Advisors are determined by students’ last names.
    See who your advisor is through this link:  


Major Class & Title 


Requirement Area(s) Met 

TH A 301– Landmarks in Drama: Research and Writing for Theatre Majors *


3 units 

Major (core) 

*TH A 301 is only offered in the Spring semester. 


If TH A 130 is full...

Once you have made your course choices for Steps 1-4, you may already have between 12-15 units chosen for your first semester—about 4 to 5 classes. 

If more units are needed, you will proceed to "Step 5 - Choosing GE Courses" from your Orientation Advising Module after considering the following recommendations...

GE Area

Advisor Notes

A1 Oral Communication

Covered in “Step 3” on Class Planner

A2 Written English Communication

Covered in “Step 1” on Class Planner

A3 Critical Thinking

Covered in “Step 3” on Class Planner

B1 Physical Science

Consider taking a B3 Lab if chosen

B2 Life Science

Consider taking a B3 Lab if chosen

B3 Laboratory Science

Make sure this includes a LEC component if chosen

B4 Quantitative Reasoning

Covered in “Step 2” on Class Planner

C1   Arts

Met by major core course.

C2 Humanities

Choose any#1

D Social Sciences

Choose any#1

D US History

Choose any#1

E Lifelong Learning & Self-Development (LLD)

Covered in “Step 1” on Class Planner

F Ethnic Studies

Choose any#1

US/CA Government

Choose any

#1 Metro Academy students—these areas may be covered in your Metro Ed Plan

Transfer Student Advising Information

Please see the box above labeled “Major Curriculum/Roadmaps & GE/University Requirements” for information on what courses to take in your first semester at SF State. View our Frequently Asked Questions for Transfers for helpful tips and additional information.