The SF State Advising Hub is your one-stop-shop for your advising needs.  If you are looking for a resource center, information about probation advising or advising for your first semester, you are in the right place!

The information provided here is not to replace a professional advisor.  For a successful path to graduation at SF State, we highly recommend that you connect with major/faculty and GE advisors often — if you are pursuing a minor, you will also have a minor advisor.

1st Semester Advising

What you should know for your first semester in your major.

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Academic Advising Resources

Seeing an advisor at least once a semester will help you stay on track towards graduation!

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Academic Success Resources

Being successful means using all academic resources to achieve your goals.

Degree Planning

We are commited to ensure each and every student has the right tools to plan for their educational goals.

Student Success Resources

Being successful means utilizing all student resources to help shape your experience.

University Policies

Knowing and understanding SF State policy makes graduation efficient.