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Your major advisor answered a few questions to assist you with your first semester courses — see below.

General Information

What are some of the highlights and features to know about this major? Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary major: courses in different fields plus courses that tie different fields together. Liberal Studies major is aligned with the California subject matter requirements for a multiple subjects (Elementary school) teaching credential.
Does your department have a major planning sheet for me as a guide? Yes, we have a downloadable link for our major planning sheet.
When should I first meet with my major department? Early in your first semester.
How will I be assigned to a major advisor and how do I contact them? Start by visiting the LS [Liberal Studies] office, HUM 409.  The advisor there can often see students on a drop-in basis, or can set up an appointment with her or another advisor.
Where can I find information about major advising?
Does this major require any pre-work from me before I attend orientation or register for classes? If you are interested in doing an Elementary Subject Matter program (which waives the CSET exam), be sure to consult the course list before registering for GE or major courses, as only certain sections will count towards the ESM waiver. The course list is available on our website.
What should I do if my major core and/or prerequisite courses are full? We have several options for most core requirements, so this shouldn’t be an issue.
Is there anything else I need to know about starting in this major?

Please consult the major planning worksheet and Elementary Subject Matter program worksheet linked on website.

Transfer Student Info

What upper division courses should I take in my first semester as a transfer student for this major?

LS 200* should be taken in your first semester of the major.

*Please note that LS 200 is a pre-requisite for LS 300.

Upper division major courses can be chosen from the list of major courses by clicking on "Major Requirements" near the top of this page.

Are there any prerequisites to these upper division courses for the major? LS 200 is a prerequisite for LS 300, and LS 300 is a prerequisite for LS 690 (which is restricted to seniors).
Are there any registration blocks or holds in the system for this major, and if so, what do I do/who do I contact to clear them? You must be a declared LS major to get into LS 300.
Does this major have an approved Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) roadmap?


Elementary Teacher Education (AA-T) [Click here for ADT Roadmap]

Freshmen Student Info

Are there any courses I should take first as a Freshman to get started in this major and/or are there any lower division GE course requirements that I can take that will also count toward this major? If you are interested in becoming an elementary school teacher, you may want to consider completing either our elementary subject matter program or our integrated BA/credential program (not yet approved, but will be soon). Please consult the roadmaps for the first year of this program, available beginning in June on our website or in the Liberal Studies office (HUM 409).
Are there entry or prerequisite requirements for these Freshmen courses? Not applicable.
Can any of my AP or IB tests count toward requirements in this major?
Not applicable.



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