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Your major advisor answered a few questions to assist you with your first semester courses — see below.

General Information

What are some of the highlights and features to know about this major?
- The Italian program offers a comprehensive background in language, literature, linguistics, culture and civilization. These aspects, combined with constant practice in reading, writing, speaking and listening, give students broad educational experience, while a degree in Italian also prepares one for a specialized career.
-  Italian can be a fantastic option for double-majors. It is particularly pertinent to studies in Music, Art, Cinema, Archeology, International Relations, History, Business and Comparative Literature.
- All regularly enrolled students may spend a year at the California International Programs’ Center in Florence or at University of Pavia.
- A number of scholarships are offered only for undergraduate students through either the Italian program or the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. 
Does your department have a major planning sheet for me as a guide? N/A
Does your department have a major planning sheet for me as a guide? No, we do not have a major planning sheet.
When should I first meet with my major department? As soon as possible once the semester begins. 
How will I be assigned to a major advisor and how do I contact them? Your major advisor is Dr. Olivia Albiero ( 
Where can I find information about major advising?
Does this major require any pre-work from me before I attend orientation or register for classes? No
What should I do if my major core and/or prerequisite courses are full? Students should get in contact with the instructor teaching the course to express their interest in taking the class and should still attend the first class of the semester. Often enrollment changes during the first days of the term and students are able to enroll in the class they need. Students are also welcome to contact the major advisor, Dr. Olivia Albiero (
Is there anything else I need to know about starting in this major?
For more information, you can consult this page:

Transfer Student Info

What upper division courses should I take in my first semester as a transfer student for this major? Transfer students should meet with the major advisor, Dr. Olivia Albiero, who will help them select the most appropriate course(s) on the basis of the coursework they have already completed. Students are also welcome to reach out to the advisor via email (
Are there any prerequisites to these upper division courses for the major? Prerequisites for each course are listed on the course schedule and the bulletin page ( When in doubt, students should contact the major advisor, who will be happy to help them understand whether they fulfill the prerequisite(s).
Are there any registration blocks or holds in the system for this major, and if so, what do I do/who do I contact to clear them? No. If students experience an unforeseen roadblock, they should contact the major advisor.
Does this major have an approved Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) roadmap? No.

Freshmen Student Info

Are there any courses I should take first as a Freshman to get started in this major and/or are there any lower division GE course requirements that I can take that will also count toward this major?
A first-year-student without prior Italian knowledge should enroll in ITAL 101 and continue with ITAL 102, ITAL 103 or ITAL 206, and ITAL 104 or ITAL 206. Proper placement of students with prior knowledge / training in Italian will depend on years of Italian taken at another institution/high school and tests, such as AP Italian. Students with prior experience should contact the major advisor.
Lower- Division Courses Satisfying General Education Requirements:
C2 Humanities: 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 206 and 250.
Social Justice: 206.
Global Perspectives: 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 206 and 250. 
Are there entry or prerequisite requirements for these Freshmen courses?

No. If students experience an unforeseen roadblock, they should contact the major advisor.

Can any of my AP or IB tests count toward requirements in this major?
Currently, a score of 3, 4 or 5 in the AP Italian test will transfer to 14 units, which correspond to ITAL 101 (4), ITAL 102 (4), ITAL 103 (3) and ITAL 104 (3). See the information here:



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