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Your major advisor answered a few questions to assist you with your first semester courses — see below.

General Information

What are some of the highlights and features to know about this major? Africana Studies at SFSU was formed through the 1968-69 Student Strike, led by the Black Student Union, the Third World Liberation Front, and allies. Students demanded a relevant education that taught about their communities: their histories, literatures, arts, cultures, struggles for social justice, and resistance to the dominant narratives of a racist America. Over the past fifty years, the discipline of Black/Africana Studies has extended to all realms of study.
Does your department have a major planning sheet for me as a guide Yes: Advising Worksheet (pdf)
When should I first meet with my major department? Come by the department as soon as you get to campus: come meet our dynamic faculty and learn about our course offerings, and social and educational events.
How will I be assigned to a major advisor and how do I contact them? All of our Assistant Professors, Associate Professors, and Full Professors can serve as major advisors. Reach out to faculty member whose class you have taken and let them know you are interested in majoring in Africana Studies. You can contact them via email or visit them during their office hours.
Where can I find information about major advising? We post information about the major and minor on our website. You can also visit the academic advisors in the Student Engagement Center at the College of Ethnic Studes, in EP 117.
Does this major require any pre-work from me before I attend orientation or register for classes? No: you can register for classes right away. We offer courses in many of the areas of General Education, including C1, C2, C3 (if required), D1, D2, UD-C, and UD-D.
What should I do if my major core and/or prerequisite courses are full? The major is constructed with a minimum of pre-requisites, so you are unlikely to encounter roadblocks to your progress.
Is there anything else I need to know about starting in this major? SFSU's data has shown that all students who take Ethnic Studies courses are more likely to graduate. Students of Africana Studies have stated that our courses provide valuable elements that help them negotiate the university, including Historical Location, Knowledge of Self, Sense of Social Responsibility, Unique Perspectives, Relevant & Engaging Pedagogy, Communal Environments, and Special Connections with Professors.

Transfer Student Info

What upper division courses should I take in my first semester as a transfer student for this major?

During their first two semesters, students should complete:

  • AFRS 300 -  From Africa to Olmec America: Ancient African Prehistory and History
  • AFRS 303 - African American History
  • AFRS 345 - Blacks in Urban America
  • AFRS 375 - Law and Black Community
Are there any prerequisites to these upper division courses for the major? There are no prerequisites to these classes: any upper-division student may enroll in these courses.
Are there any registration blocks or holds in the system for this major, and if so, what do I do/who do I contact to clear them? No.
Does this major have an approved Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) roadmap? Yes, Africana Studies has an approved Associate Degree for Transfer roadmap for Social Justice. Students with ADTs in other areas can still complete the degree within two years.

Freshmen Student Info

Are there any courses I should take first as a Freshman to get started in this major and/or are there any lower division GE course requirements that I can take that will also count toward this major?

Yes! All of our 100+ and 200+ level classes are open to First Year Students.

You can fulfill the following GE requirements with classes that count toward the major/minor:


  • AFRS 214 - Can fulfill A4 (A GE requirement for students admitted before 2019)
  • AFRS 204 - Can fulfill C1
  • AFRS 221 - Can fulfill C1
  • AFRS 230 - Can fulfill C1
  • AFRS 256 - Can fulfill C1
  • AFRS 210 - Can fulfull C2 (required for major)
  • AFRS 266 - Can fulfull C2 (required for major)
  • AFRS 101 - Can fulfill D1 (required for major)
  • AFRS 200 - Can fulfill D1 (required for major)
  • AFRS 215 - Can fulfill D1
  • AFRS 111 - Can fulfill D1
  • AFRS 202 - Can fulfill D1
  • AFRS 203 - Can fulfill D1
  • AFRS 260 - Can fulfill D1
  • AFRS 208 - Can fulfill D2
Are there entry or prerequisite requirements for these Freshmen courses?

None of these classes have prerequisite requirements.

Can any of my AP or IB tests count toward requirements in this major? Currently, there are no AP or IB tests that count towards requirements in Africana Studies.



College of Ethnic Studies Advising Center (ESAC)

Services provided for: undergraduate students in the College of Ethnic Studies majors, minors and courses.

Services include: Advising for general education, non-major graduation requirements, major requirements, graduation check (GE and major/minor), academic probation, study abroad, academic scholarship and honors.

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