Repeating Courses

Repeating Courses

Are you considering repeating a course? 

Here are some of the most important facts about how repeating courses and grade forgiveness works and some questions to ask yourself while you consider whether or not to repeat a course.   



An undergraduate student who has received a grade of C or better, or a grade of CR, may not repeat a course unless the course is described in the Bulletin as repeatable for credit. An undergraduate student who has received a grade in a course that is lower than C, including AU, IC, RD, RP, W, and WU, may repeat that course only once more. 


Grade Forgiveness

Beginning Fall 2017, undergraduate students may repeat a maximum of 16 units of coursework taken at San Francisco State University where the lower of the two grades is “forgiven” from the GPA calculation.  After the repeat limit of 16 units has been reached, all units attempted and all grade points earned will be included in the student's cumulative totals.  The course being repeated must be from the exact same department and with the course number as the original course. 

*Grade forgiveness is applied automatically at the end of each term.  It does not apply retroactively to courses where repeats were completed prior to Fall 2017.  Grade forgiveness also does not change the end of term academic standing from previous semesters. 


Common Questions to Think About When Considering to Repeat a Course

Do you need to take the course? 

Can another course meet the requirement?

How much better do you think you can do in the class?

How much can the repeat affect your GPA?

Still Have Questions?

If you are a first-year freshmen or undeclared student, an academic counselor in the Undergraduate Advising Center can assist you with your questions. If you are a continuing freshmen, sophomore, junior, or senior with a declared major, you can get assistance from your college-based resource center