Missed Orientation (Freshmen) Summer 2020

Welcome Freshmen!

We are sorry you were not able to join us for Summer Orientation...

Orientation for new students is optional, however, early academic advising and registration were available to those who participated in our virtual Orientation LIVE! sessions in June and July. We would like to invite you to take advantage of some of the resources SF State has made specifically to prepare you for enrollment in your first semester courses. 


1. Complete Section 1.1 of the iLearn module "First-Year Orientation 2020" and Register for classes;

This portion of the module is designed to lead you through 5 steps to determine which classes you should register for in your first semester, including suggestions for your major, GE and other additional graduation requirements at SF State.

  • Part I: Prepare for Class Registration—learn the basics of navigating your Student Center portal
  • Part II: Five Steps for Class Planning—identify the classes you should sign up for next semester
  • Part III: Search and Register for Classes—learn how to use our class registration tools
SFSU Home page > "Login" (top, right) > click "iLearn> log in with your credentials > under "Collaborative Sites" click "First-Year Orientation 2020
[[If you do not see "First-Year Orientation 2020", email josephb@sfsu.edu so you can be granted access to the site—include your name, SFSU ID# and indicate that you are a new freshmen student]]


If you need more assistance AFTER completing Section 1.1 of the iLearn module above, you can find your resources at advisinghub.sfsu.edu

  • Go to advisinghub.sfsu.edu > Under "1st Semester Advising @ Orientation> find "Click here to find your major" or "Click here if you are Undeclared and/or Undecided
  • For MAJOR requirement assistance - at the top of this page you will find a "Major Department Website" link with details for contacting the department.
  • If you are UNDECLARED, this page will have strategies and recommendations for your first semester. 
  • For GE/University requirement assistance - Visit the college resource center website at the bottom of the page for drop-in and apointment scheduling information. 


2. Continue to peruse the iLearn module material to prepare yourself for transition to SF State;

  • Student life and getting involved
  • Maintaining health and wellness
  • Living on/off campus concerns
  • Buying books and materials
  • Student ID card and photo submission
  • Financial aid workshops
  • Learn about Gator Fest!
  • And more!