1st Semester Advising: The Golden Four

The "Golden Four"

At the California State University, campuses require incoming transfer students to complete four general education courses, known as the "Golden Four" courses  before they can transfer.  The "Golden Four" courses are SF State's A2 - Written English Communication, B4 - Quantitative Reasoning, A1 - Oral Communication, and A3 - Critical Thinking.   Building Proficiency in these areas provides students with foundational skills that help them succeed in all other courses and in life.        

  • Transfer students missing any of these courses should plan on completing them in their first semester at SF State. 
  • Freshmen should plan to complete the "Golden Four" in their first year at SF State.  

* Unlike other General Education courses, the "Golden Four" must be completed with a grade of CR or C- or better to fulfill the General Education Requirement.         


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