Degree Progress Report

Your Degree Progress Report (DPR) is a checklist of all of your graduation requirements — GE, major and university-wide requirements.

Understanding Your DPR

If you find an error on your DPR or need help understanding your requirements, visit an advisor at one of the academic advising resources on campus.

screenshot of top of DPR



A = Holds and Alerts (click on an icon to find the details)

  • Red Circle with Line: Registration Hold — you will not be able to register (negative service indicator)

  • Red Star: Alert — the university has an important message for you, regarding registration

B = Current Academic Objective

  • Career: Undergraduate vs Graduate vs Non-Matriculated

  • Program: Undergrad Degree vs Graduate vs Non-Matriculated CEL — this is the degree objective

  • Plan: Major/Program of study

C = Current Academic Summary

  • Last Term Registered: last semester of attendance at SF State

  • Academic Standing: Good Standing vs Probation

  • Overall GPA: Current SF State GPA + previous institutions

  • SF State GPA: Current SF State GPA

D = Legend/Requirement Status

  • Green Circle with Check Mark: Requirement completed

  • Yellow Diamond: Requirement curently in progress

  • Blue Star: Requirement planned for future (used in What-If Report)

  • Red Box: Requirement not completed

  • Purple triangle w/ exclamation mark: Requirement has an exception or override

  • Green Left Arrow: Course was taken from transfer institution

E = General Education Requirements

  • Freshman vs Transfer Student Pattern

F = Requirement Name

  • GE Area Designation and Name

  • Requirements to fulfill this section

G = Legend

  • Unit minimum requirement

  • Units you have taken

  • Units still needed to fulfill requirement

H = Requirement Status

  • Refer to "D" above