Academic Advising Directory

There are many advising resources available for students here at SF State depending on your major or special programs (i.e. Metro, EOP and athletics). If you are undeclared, your primary advisors are in the Undergraduate Advising Center.  If you are in a major/pre-major/applying to an impacted program, you can meet advisors in your college resource center — all majors belong to a college (all majors are listed below under each college).  The faculty in your major department are also advisors for your major requirements except for the Lam Family College of Business students (see the LFCoB Student Services Center below).

New incoming students should sign up for orientation for advising.     

To limit COVID-19 spreading within our community, academic advisors are meeting with students remotely. To see an advisor through a Zoom Drop-in appointment, choose the advising location below(college resource center or other advising center) that corresponds with your major and go to their website to connect to drop-ins. Undeclared students should choose the Undergraduate Advising Center or EOP (if you are an EOP student).  If you want to schedule an appointment, you can use the link below. After scheduling your appointment, you will receive en email confirmation and additional information about your remote appointment.

See the"How to Schedule an Appointment" article if you need assistance.


College Resource Centers

University-Wide Departments

Lam Family College of Business Student Success Center

Services provided for: undergraduate students in Lam Family College of Business majors and minors.

Services include: Business major requirements, general education, non-major graduation requirements, graduation check, academic probation, study abroad and academic scholarship and honors.

Phone: (415) 405-3531

College of Ethnic Studies Advising Center (Formerly Known as The Student Engagement Center)

Services provided for: undergraduate students in the College of Ethnic Studies majors, minors and courses.

Services include: Advising for general education, non-major graduation requirements, major requirements, graduation check (GE and major/minor), academic probation, study abroad, academic scholarship and honors.

Phone: (415) 338-6162

College of Health & Social Sciences Student Resource Center (SRC)

Services provided for: Undergraduate students with College of Health and Social Sciences majors, pre-majors and minors.

Services offered: Academic planning (GE, DARs, DPR and major), freshman transitioning support, impacted major consultation, academic probation advising, general life/support counseling, petition consultation, career prep and planning, major career exploration, graduation check (GE and graduation requirements), resume and cover letter help

Phone: (415) 405-3740

College of Liberal & Creative Arts Advising Resource Center (ARC)

Services provided for: Undergraduate students pursuing a major, minor or certificate in the College of Liberal and Creative Arts.

Services offered: Academic planning, general education advising, academic probation advising, petition consultation, career prep and planning, major career exploration, graduation check (GE and graduation requirements), study abroad, connecting with communities and discovering campus resources.

Phone: (415) 338-1486

College of Science & Engineering Student Success Center

Services provided for: undergraduate students with College of Science and Engineering majors and minors

Services offered: academic planning, general education advising, graduation check (GE and graduation requirements), study abroad, connecting with communities, discovering campus resources

Phone: (415) 338-2816


Graduate College of Education TEACH (The Education Advising Community Hub)

Services provided for: students in the Graduate College of Education majors, minors and courses.

Services include: advising for GE, non-major requirements, probation, petition consultation, support for the Education Minor, academic planning, educational careers and teacher pathways.

Phone: (415) 405-4123

Developmental Studies Office

Services offered and provided: support for students in or a part of the Early Assessment Program (college readiness), Early Start Program (summer transition program for English and math preparation) and Developmental Support (first-year English and math support for students in select courses).

Phone: (415) 338-1006
Please email or call and leave a message to schedule a Zoom appointment. 

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

Services provided for: EOP students only — (California residents and eligible AB 540 students who meet the income eligibility index and are a first generation college student can apply for EOP).

Services offered: Advising, mentoring, tutoring, workshops and scholarships

Phone: (415) 338-1085
Location: SSB 201

Faculty Advisors

Services provided for: prospective students and students declared in major or pre-major

Services offered: Major advising, probation, signatures for petitions and graduation applications

Major departments will list on the department website the faculty advisors and office hours for advising.  Your department may assign you to an advisor or you can choose an advisor.


Gator Academic Resource Center

Services provided for: SF State athletes

Services offered: Quiet study area, updated computer lab reserved specifically for student athletes, mandatory one-on-one general education advising, personal and/or career counseling, tutorial services (collaboration with campus tutorial offices), priority registration for current active athletes

Phone: (415) 338-3320
Location: GYM 2nd Floor

Metro College Success Program

Services provided for: Any incoming first-year student (students can apply to Metro for either the fall or spring semesters of their freshman year)

Services offered: Small learning communities, dedicated instructors, one-on-one support from a dedicated academic advisor, tutoring

Themed Communities:

  •     Business
  •     Child and Adolescent Development (CAD)
  •     Health
  •     Engineering
  •     Ethnic Studies
  •     Liberal and Creative Arts
  •     Science
  •     Education

Phone: (415) 338-3034
Location: HSS 301

Undergraduate Advising Center (UAC)       

Services provided for: current undergraduate students and former students who have not yet graduated.

Drop-in appointments are available for "quick questions" that can be answered in 15 minutes or less: general education, non-major graduation requirements, graduation check, First Year English and math, University policy and procedures.

Scheduled Appointments are offered for topics that may require a little more time: choosing a major/major exploration, academic probation for undeclared students & students changing to undeclared, B.A. Special Major and readmission to the University (for previous SF State students).  Please follow the steps to schedule an appointment online at 

Phone:  (415) 338-2101

Email: Click Here

Please visit our website for drop-in hours availability.