Major department advisors answered a few questions to assist you with your first-semester class selection. 

General Information

What are some of the highlights and features to know about this major? n/a
When should I first meet with my major department?

Transfers – ASAP

Freshmen – Any time during 2nd semester to plan enrollment for their sophomore year (core classes).

How will I be assigned to a major advisor and how do I contact them? Students may pick an advisor based on their schedule and area of interest.
Where can I find information about major advising?
Does this major require any pre-work from me before I attend orientation or register for classes? There are no requirements, but we strongly encourage transfer students to meet with a faculty advisor ASAP.
What should I do if my major core and/or prequisite courses are full? Students should seek guidance from the course instructor and/or a faculty advisor.

Transfer Student Info

What upper division courses should I take in my first semester as a transfer student for this major?

(1) CINE 340: Critical Studies;

(2) CINE 341: Critical Studies Discussion;

(3) any CINE GWAR. 

Other courses to consider:

Production-oriented students should enroll in CINE 310: Workshop in Film Production.

Screenwriting-oriented students should enroll in CINE 356: Fundamentals of Screenwriting.

Are there any prerequisites to these upper division courses for the major?

Five core classes (13 units):

(1) CINE 200:Intro to Cinema Studies;

(2) CINE 202: Intro to Filmmaking;

(3) CINE 204: Intro to Filmmaking Lab;

(4) CINE 211: Film History I;

(5) CINE 212: Film History II

Are there any registration blocks or holds in the system for this major, and if so, what do I do/who do I contact to clear them? Yes, transfer students should be aware that their Cinema course articulations are often not in place prior to enrollment. They should see a facultyadvisor about being cleared for enrollment.
Does this major have an approved Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) roadmap?

Yes, in Film, Television, and Electronic Media (AS-T).

[Click here for ADT Roadmap]

Freshmen Student Info

Are there any courses I should take first as a Freshman to get started in this major and/or are there any lower division GE course requirements that I can take that will also count toward this major? The Cinema major courses start once a student has sophomore standing (30+ units).  Freshmen may take the related (GE-only / non-major) courses CINE 102: Intro to Contemporary Cinema and CINE 280: The Ancient World in Cinema.
Are there entry or prerequisite requirements for these Freshmen courses?


Can any of my AP or IB tests count toward requirements in this major?

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